Carriage by road

UTrans Logistics OÜ provides road transport and haulage services to individuals and companies:

• organisation of carriage by FTL and LTL  in the countries of Europe, the CIS, Central Asia Republics like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tadzhikistan;

• provision of the entire set of accompanying and accounting documents;

• customs clearance;

• insurance of carriage by road.

We organize the transportation of all kinds of cargo, of all sizes and volumes, including dangerous, heavyweight, oversize cargo as well as perishable and delicate goods. Our long-term experience of the international market enables us to deliver goods to the required point of destination by the best possible route within the minimum time and at the minimum expense. Taking your needs into consideration, our experts will select the best terms and conditions of carriage, insurance, customs clearance, reloading, storage as well as do the preliminary calculation of the terms and cost of delivery and customs clearance and possible additional expenses. Whenever the need arises, we will offer you alternative options of cargo transportation which will allow you to save money and us to enhance the efficacy of the services provided.