Railway cargo transportation

UTrans Logistics rail carriage

UTrans Logistics OÜ provides railway cargo transportation services and has a DIRECT CONTRACT WITH THE ESTONIAN RAILWAYS, which allows us to offer reduced rates to customers. 

Railway cargo transportation is a cost-effective option for the transportation of different cargos for longer distances, into hard-to-reach remote areas, where it is impossible to deliver cargos by road. In addition to reliability and lower accident incidence rate, railway transportation is the most cost-effective type of cargo transportation, wherein a relatively low cost is combined with high efficiency of services. Besides, railroad transport does not depend on changes in the weather.
The railway transportation service package includes:
• Organisation of railway transportation on the territories of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the CIS countries, and Central Asia;
• Making the calculations of the cost of cargo transportation.

• Our company can send Line’s containers without reloading via Riga or Tallinn in direct containers by rail using drop off on final station of destination.

• Drawing up shipping documents and accompanying documents;
• Organisation of loading and unloading operations in the ports and at railheads;
• Hiring railroad cars (conveyers, railroad cars for bulky loads (hoppers) etc.);                                                                                  • Planning and organising the dispatch of oversize cargo.
• Cargo delivery from the customer´s warehouse to the station as well as to the customer´s DOOR.
• Cargo insurance.
• Tracking and searching for containers and railroad cars en route.