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in transit and multimodal transportation!
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Carriage by road

UTrans Logistics OÜ provides road transport and haulage services to individuals and companies
VTEM skitter


of professional services in sea, railway, road and air transportation

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Our company has direct contracts:

- with ocean lines, which allow us to use containers on these lines for shipping the goods for longer distances with the return of empty containers to Tallinn and other ports, as agreed upon with shipping companies.

- with Estonian ports (Paldiski, Muuga, Sillamäe)

- with stevedoring companies in Tallinn ports

- with the Estonian Railways (EVR)

We offer: 

1) Sea transportation

2) Railway transportation

3) Transportation of oversize cargo Project transportation

4) Carriage by road

5) Air carriage

Service packages include:

Organisation of railway transportation on the territories of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the CIS countries, and Central Asia.

Organisation of loading and unloading operations in the ports and at railheads.


We appreciate the time of each customer, that is why we go through every application at length to find out the customers' needs at the beginning of our cooperation. All our efforts are aimed to ensure that the transportation takes as few as possible of your material, physical and time resources, thus, remaining the most profitable.

Our Services

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    Carriage by road

    UTrans Logistics OÜ provides road transport and haulage services to individuals and companies: •organisation of carriage by road in the countries of...

    Oversize cargo/project cargo carriage

    UTrans Logistics OÜ specialises in the provision of the services of transportation of project and oversize cargo. Our experience in the field of...

    Railway cargo transportation

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